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Small Businesses are a Big Target for Network Security Issues

virtualizationSmaller Houston companies may be at risk of hacking attacks despite their relatively low profile in the business world. Computer viruses, ransomware and other malware can pose a real threat to sensitive company data and can bring regular operations to a standstill. Business owners have to be tech-savvy in the modern world. Finding an ERP Implementation Company is important, but cybersecurity should never be forgotten either. In some cases, smaller companies may make even more attractive targets for criminals thanks to lower levels of security and reduced risk of detection during the digital infiltration process. To check how secure your business is, you might want to consider using Synack’s penetration testing to make sure your business isn’t vulnerable to these hackers. No matter how small your business is, hackers will still consider hacking your systems. If you find that your security is limited, it’s definitely worth trying to secure your systems to prevent your business from being attacked. Working with a company that offers Houston managed IT services can provide solid protection for small businesses against unauthorized access to information, allowing these companies to stop digital criminals in their tracks. Using equipment such as security cameras will ensure that you have everything recorded in a professional manner in case any fraudulent activity occurs on your premises, you can check out sites such as ApexCCTV, which will protect your business and property including members of staff and yourself!

Evolving Risks Require Cutting-Edge Strategies

While most business enterprises employ some form of antivirus protection for their computing resources, modern criminals have developed an entire arsenal of strategies designed to move past these basic defenses:

  • Ransomware programs gain access to company files and encrypt them to prevent access by the rightful owners, who must then pay a sizable sum to regain control of these software packages and data files.
  • Password crackers use advanced algorithms to guess user passwords and to gain access to restricted financial, proprietary or confidential information.
  • Distributed denial of service attacks result when hundreds or thousands of computers are infected with a virus that causes them to request information from corporate servers in a concerted effort to render websites unreachable by patrons, clients and customers.
  • Phishing, also known as social engineering, involves direct attempts to elicit confidential information from staff members through phone calls, emails and other points of contact.
  • Data interception is sometimes called packet sniffing and takes place when a hacker gains access to information on its way into or out of your corporate network.
  • Malware programs can log all keystrokes on a particular computer to gain access to personal employee information or to obtain passwords for servers, software packages and other sensitive company data.

Each of these techniques can offer hackers an easy point of entry to your small business network. Taking steps to secure your computing resources is critical to your ongoing success in the modern business environment.

Risks of Unauthorized Access to Information

Apart from the obvious issues involved with malware infections and the potential for misuse of financial information, data breaches can also cause a number of added problems for small business enterprises:

  • Failure to protect sensitive information can cause lasting damage to your company’s reputation and brand.
  • You may lose current and potential customers due to ongoing negative publicity regarding the data breach.
  • Repairing and remediating damage to computing resources can sometimes be prohibitively expensive.
  • Unplanned downtime can result in lost sales and lost revenues for your company.

Outsourcing your corporate IT functions to an experienced Houston network security firm can help you to prevent data breaches and to protect your confidential information against unauthorized access. That would be beneficial, however, there are always other ways to protect businesses too. Perhaps some business owners should consider reading this Best antivirus 2021 review to make sure they purchase the best antivirus protection for their systems.

Enlisting a Little Professional Help

Investing in managed IT services is a cost-effective move for small businesses. These computing professionals can assess your company’s current level of security and can identify areas in need of further attention. Houston backup and disaster recovery firms can allow your company to maintain regular operations in emergency conditions and can promote a more positive image of your brand by ensuring that you stay online even in difficult situations. By outsourcing your company’s IT needs to a professional firm, you can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized data access by cybercriminals and casual hackers alike.

At NSC Information Technology Group, we offer a comprehensive array of data security and managed IT services designed to keep your network secure and your business operational. Our skilled technicians have both the experience and the expertise needed to manage your information resources effectively and proactively. To learn more about our full lineup of services and how we can support your small business, give us a call at 713-974-3889 to set up a free consultation. We look forward to working with you.

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