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Structured Cabling Systems

Structured Cabling SystemsBusinesses can no longer exist without reliable structured cabling systems. Even as little as twenty years ago, a company could exist without their own network setup, but the world has changed. The instant exchange of information has evolved into every aspect of our lives, from the way we play to the way we do business, and it is absolutely essential that business owners stay current with todays technology. NSC Information Technology offers reliable, affordable network support to ensure your business systems meet industry standards.

The Necessity of Structured Cabling Systems

Structured cabling helps to create an infrastructure inside your company. Internal networks are not only more reliable, but more secure; with only one entry point in and out of the network. The information passed within is much more secure than if the company relied on an external or wireless network.

These systems are broken down into different subsystems that internalize the operations within, keeping them separate from one another and only communicating when necessary. The first subsystem is the entrance facility, where the connection to the overall external network (the internet) ends and the internal system begins. The next is the equipment room, where the cabling is set up and organized. All internal connections begin here.

Next is the backbone cabling, which is a series of wires running to different floors in your business. The horizontal cabling is similar to backbone cabling, except that it runs through the floors, rather than the walls. Horizontal cabling may also connect to individual work location outlets. Telecommunications rooms serve to connect horizontal and backbone cabling together, bringing the network full-circle. Finally, work-area components are a fancy way of describing where individual computers connect to the network.

This complex system is efficient, but if installed improperly, offers many points of weakness that can cause bottlenecks and problems within the network. Structured cabling installation requires professional, expert installation.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Managed IT Problems

Outsourcing is much like hiring a contractor, in that business owners do not need to pay for benefits or other overhead expenses, only the cost of the job. If you are in need of network support, contact NSC Information Technology today. We are Houston’s leader in IT consulting and support. We will get the job done right the first time.

We are a full-service, managed IT communication infrastructure provider. Our highly qualified technicians are trained to install voice, data, and fiber optic cabling according to industry standards, as well as wireless LAN rollouts based on reliable, high quality standards-based cabling and network infrastructure components. At NSC Information Technology, we understand the need for a reliable system. We know that when it does not work, you do not work, and that is not acceptable.